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When: Feb. 13 2020, 6:30-8pm. 

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Diversity Coaching

  • We evaluate and counsel you on your company diversity
  • We plan and implement transformation processes to increase diversity
  • We organise and host Diversity Workshops
  • Our Special Focus: Gender Diversity and Equality
Diversity in Unternehmen dargestellt durch verschiedene Heißgetränke

Consultation Process

Diversity coaching is generally structured as follows:

Experience shows that establishing a culture of diversity requires perseverance and must be fostered through repetition. We will advise you hereto in detail in due course. 

We pay particular attention to evaluation, which will enable you to specifically measure changes in culture and their effects.

Visualisierung Konfliktlösung in Teams durch Feuerlöscher

Team Conflict Resolution

  • We perform Team Mediations
  • We advise you on de-escalation and resolution of team conflicts
  • We counsel you on how to prevent team conflicts
  • Our Special Focus: Conflict partners with different world views

Consultation Process

Our cooperation on conflict resolution is divided into four steps:

During the Analysis Phase, conflict parties and points of conflict are identified. As trained mediators, we generally follow the proven 5-phase model of mediation in conflict management.  

At the end of a mediation there is usually a written agreement in which the handling of discussed or future conflicts is recorded.

Team Retreat

  • Be­ra­tung zur Ziel­set­zung für Tea­me­vents und Team­rei­sen
  • Pla­nung und Durch­füh­rung von Tea­me­vents und Team­rei­sen an­hand des un­ter­neh­me­ri­schen Ziels
  • Our Special Focus: Increase team cohesion and team stress resistance
  • Destinations in your immediate vicinity and throughout Europe
  • Program Duration: 1-4 days
Team Retreat dargestellt durch Teamaktivität

Individual Programs

After a free initial consultation and the definition of your individual needs, we will offer you a one- to four-day program. This can also be combined with work phases in which you work on your projects without us. The focus of our joint work can be, for example, a restructuring of work processes, conflict resolution or any other current topic of your team.

The workshop contents, program and the location will be discussed individually in advance and tailored to the wishes of your team. We take care of logistics, including the organisation of travel, accommodation and catering, as required. If desired, the program can also be rounded off by joint leisure activities such as paddling or cycling tours, cooking or meditation courses.

We also offer retreats on specific topics in Southern Europe, in which individuals can participate regardless of their professional position or the size of their company. These offers are announced half a year in advance and take place with a group size of 5 persons or more.


Jan Pedd Diversity Consultant

Jan Pedd

Durch sein Stu­di­um der Gen­der-Wis­sen­schaf­ten an der Hum­boldt-Uni­ver­si­tät zu Ber­lin (cand.) ist Jan Pedd un­ser prä­de­sti­nier­ter Ex­per­te in Sa­chen Gleich­be­rech­ti­gung. Sei­ne An­sät­ze sind trans- und in­ter­dis­zi­pli­när.

Inspired by feminists from Clara Zetkin to Margarete Stokowski, he believes, despite current developments, that communication, empathy and serenity are the key to a society at eye level.

Milena Thomsen Team Retreat Consultant

Milena Thomsen

Milena Thomsen studied film directing at the IADT Dublin and film production at the Film University Konrad Wolf. Her focus is therefore on the combination of project organisation and creativity.

From her collected project experience from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, from small independent teams to global media groups, Milena distilled key factors for a healthy and consequently successful team structure, which is the basis of personal growth. 

Kia-Jen Tung Diversity Team Konfliktlösung Consultant

Kia-Jen Tung

Kia-Jen Tung studied International Business Administration at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder and Law and Mediation at the McGeorge School of Law, for which she received renowned scholarships.

Kia-Jen's working style is characterised by her observational, analytical-structured approach and is inspired by Momo (Michael Ende), Sapiens (Yuval Noah Harari) and other works, whose content she transfers to corporate management concepts.


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